Best hotel and Resort in Kampot, Cambodia awarded

River Tree


The Origin of River Tree


As one of the best hotels and resorts in Kampot, Cambodia, we are committed to sustainability and natural conservation, a zero-waste policy has been implemented since the beginning of our Resort’s operation. We support local initiatives and organizations that work towards preserving the environment and promoting sustainable practices.

We use organic bathroom amenities and try to purchase eco-friendly products sourced from local produce to support the locals.

Kampot is characterized by a humid climate with a high level of annual rainfall, which contributes to the formation of rich alluvial soils along riverbanks and provides an ideal environment to grow the plants that support the living species and provide their habitats.

Many bird species rely on our Resort’s plantation for nesting and as a source of their food.

RiverTree Villa & Resort constructed the 12 villas with environmental consciousness, we go the extra mile to minimize the natural impacts and organically plant as many trees as possible.  

Best hotel and Resort in Kampot, Cambodia awarded